Bucket, Water, Cups, Kids…

Yesterday was a “work” day. There were no trips to the beach. No tennis/library excursions, and definitely no pool. *But that one doesn’t count because I really never go to the pool anymore. Got in a fight with another mom once and never went back. (For the record, she was banned from the pool and I was offered major condolences from the pool staff.)

Anyhow, the kids and I sorted and cleaned out their closet. I am in the process of making all some of the girls wardrobe during this short summer break, and I need to get rid of the old, small, and sometimes stained clothing. Truthfully, I will not have the time to make an entire wardrobe in the duration of Summer vacation, but will most likely continue to make their clothes into the school year.

As stated above, today was one of those clean/sort/sew clothing dolls, kind of day. Once the majority of the work was complete, there was not enough time to go anywhere deemed “fun” and the kids were bored….Not just the typical annoying variety “bug mom and raid the fridge”, but the “fight over who get’s a certain Leggo piece” kind of boredom. The latter is the one that makes me want to run out into traffic with a blindfold.

Before I ran for the blindfold, I had one last-ditch classic move up my sleeve. That’s right…you guessed it. A huge bucket filled to brim with water, and plastic cups. Just add kids and stand back!

They were at it for hours, thrilled that I allowed them to get their clothing wet soaked. I have this great picture of the little wet footprints left on the living room floor from the festivities but it just crossed my mind as I type this and the camera is currently charging. So I’ll try to remember to add it later in the day as it is 1:30 am right now and I am off to bed very soon.

The best part is that in between the more chaotic moments of the fun, I did manage to get another emboridered doll face complete (mostly.) I’ll be sure to post it soon.

Off to bed with me now.


About designerdenise

Married, living out in Hawaii with 3 children and loving life.
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