God Bless The Sock Puppy

(Pictured above is a recent sock puppy made from angora wool blend socks not yet complete.)

I mean it. Mom, apple pie, and sock puppies…it’s all good.  There’s a wonderful “comfort” about having a sock puppy and an even more wonderful feeling about making them. When my son was a little guy (gosh…I think he was 2) I was compelled to make him a handmade toy. Nothing too time consuming like a Waldorf doll, but something a little guy could love and keep as a buddy on rainy days, in cardboard box forts, and on dark nights.

I remember I called Jon at work and asked him if I could use his brand new argyle socks for Alex’s sock puppy. I think Jon thought I meant sock puppet because he seemed really surprised (in a good way) when he came home that evening. Alex has cherished his sock puppies ever since that day. (I had to make a buddy).

In the coming years, I made one for Raven. It was a cute girlie little sock dog, complete with flowers.

(As you can see, they have taken quite a beating but are still very loved.)

Since then I have a couple hundred Sock Puppies under my belt. My very first sale on Etsy was a Sock Puppy and it was a fast introduction to the Etsy universe for me because it sold 3 weeks within joining. After that, things moved fast with the sock puppies I sold at dog and craft shows alike.

Here are some of my past creations:I’m happy to have some new decent socks in my possession for more of these little ones. It has been way too long. If you ever have the chance, I highly recommend making yourself one of these cuties. If you’re not into sewing, I will have a couple available in the shop this fall.

Have a great Monday if such a thing exists.


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Married, living out in Hawaii with 3 children and loving life.
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2 Responses to God Bless The Sock Puppy

  1. These are beyond wonderful, I can see why they’re loved!

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