ART: It’s What We Do

It’s going rather slow today on the creative production end. I had a choice to finish my current sock puppy and embroidered doll face, or curl up with my husband on the couch and watch a movie. I will choose my husband every time and twice on Sunday. We took the girls to the beach yesterday evening and ate pizza. Of course the girls didn’t want pizza when the ocean is 20 ft. away, so Jon and I got some ‘alone’ time’ on the beach. *As alone as we can possibly get while monitoring the girls in the ocean. That was a full-time job.

*Alex is currently on the mainland visiting family. He left yesterday morning and landed late last night.

So anyway, I chose family over sewing last night but it’s good. I don’t have anything new to show off today, which is why I thought it would be the perfect time to show off the artwork from the “other” creative types in the house.This is just a fraction of the artwork on our “Art Wall”. Some of these are done at their school, and others are created right here on our dinning room table.  Art and creative expression is serious business in this house.. ..Well….serious is defined as it’s a normal way of life for us. My husband writes (he used to paint when we had space), I sew, and the children have their paintings and drawings. I don’t think I can ever recall a time when one of us was not working on something. It’s who we are.

So today I’m showing off some of my favorite creations from the children. Some are older and others are brand new. I hope you enjoy them and send me a link to your children’s work if you are so inclined. In my ever so humble opinion, kids are fantastic artists .

Have a great day. *I forgot to label these, but for family who reads this Lenore’s very first school “art project” is the purple flower.


About designerdenise

Married, living out in Hawaii with 3 children and loving life.
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