The Right Kind of Sock Makes A Difference

Lenore keeps stealing the blue striped Sock Puppy. It still needs a collar and is on my sewing table. She continues to put it in her doll bed, or in a drawer. It’s getting old but this is a clear indication that I need to make her a puppy immediately. I will but I need to finish these  current dogs first.

Currently, I am working on this other little brown Sock Dog with an argyle sweater.  I would like tho have at least 3 under my sewing belt before I list. (That may change but it’s the working model right now and I don’t really wear a belt.)

Since I’m working on Sock Puppies this week I thought it would be a decent idea to talk about the right kind of socks to use in case anyone is thinking about making on for themselves. It’s ALL about the socks, baby!

Truthfully, you need good socks to make a decent puppy. Some socks look fantastic, but when filled with stuffing…eh…not so much. I can’t tell you how many times I have found an adorable pair of floral socks, only to be disappointed with the design when stretched from stuffing.

Cartoon Character Socks: Not a fan. I know there are plenty of sock animal creators who utilize them into their design…it’s just not for me.  I stick to plain colors, argyle, stripes and dots.  Some of my favorite socks are the cashmere blend, but they are delicate and really serve a better purpose as accents rather than body construction.

Weave: The best socks are those with a tight weave. Wool or wool blend socks are my absolute favorite and I make a point to nab them any chance I get. The tighter the weave, the easier to keep the stuffing in the dog when stuffed. Nothing is more annoying than having stuffing poke out of a dog on which you have just spent 2 hours of your life. You can get around this by adding a liner sock (something I do quite often), but it’s just more work. It’s always easier to use a sock that will not allow for stuffing seepage the first time around.

Acrylic/Cotton Blend Socks: Don’t disregard them. They can work out quite well when properly lined. There are some adorable selections out there so if you find a pair that you just cannot put down, have fun and just remember to use the liner sock mentioned above.

Faces: I always stick to simple embroidery, but I have seen adorable felt and cloth applique faces from others. It’s all about what you like. I don’t do buttons.

In the end, I hope this helps a little bit if you’re thinking about making one of these cuties in your future.  As for me, I am taking the girls to the beach and then we’re hitting up one of my favorite hot spots (for socks) to stock up for this fall.If you want one of MY dogs…I can say that they will be available soon.

Have a fun Wednesday!


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4 Responses to The Right Kind of Sock Makes A Difference

  1. I can see why Lenore keeps stealing this puppy, he is SO cute…I completely get it. I’m thinking if I get sick of knitting this sock I can make a sock puppy instead of knitting another. .. can you tell it not progressing well? 🙂

  2. Connie says:

    I will definitely buy a couple sock puppies from you (one for Steven and one for my classroom doll collection)! LOVE it!!! (however, not a talented sewer such as yourself to do such things). 🙂

  3. Connie says:

    If I must… lol! 🙂

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