Missing My Bug

Bug. That’s his nickname. When he was 1 day old,  Bug Alex was given his obligatory pediatric examination before he was give the “all clear” for hospital release. As his pediatrician was checking him out, Alex was less than cooperative. She said something like “Common’ Bug, calm down for me“, and the name just stuck.

Bug is on the mainland for the remainder of the Summer. He is visiting family on both sides of the spectrum and having the time of his life. And honestly…we’re thrilled he had the opportunity to do this. Really, we are.

But he is missed. I think Lenore is feeling the shock of his absence the most. Whenever he calls, she is first in line to speak to him. I don’t know what he says to her, but her face just lights up and she laughs that whole hearted belly-laugh. (She hasn’t laughed like that since he left). She misses Alex in the morning because he is the one who gets her cereal for her (now it’s mom). She especially misses their special games and language only the two of them understand.

Lenore knows Alex will be back at the end of the Summer and she understands that he is having fun and I believe she is generally happy for him.

But you can bet she will continue to race to the phone for the rest of the Summer.

*No sewing projects to show today. I’m behind schedule as usual. Actually, I guess that makes me right on schedule.


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Married, living out in Hawaii with 3 children and loving life.
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2 Responses to Missing My Bug

  1. Connie says:

    Only 2-3 more weeks left, right? We are so blessed to have him here, and he is lucky to have such loving family family patiently waiting for him at home. We miss you, Jon, and the girls, too. 🙂

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