Making Lemonade

Good morning all.

You know…this broken wrist is a royal pain. But this splint has forced me to think outside the proverbial box. For example…my camera is not very good. I did have a great camera a couple of months ago but lost it to the ocean. That’s a long story….Anyway…Jon and I have been making the best with this crappy camera. I mean’s this horrible little blue Polaroid.

The first replacement Polaroid was so bad we took it back to the store after a couple of hours. It would automatically shut off if you tried to photograph anything purple. The current camera (we just exchanged it for another thinking it was a fluke) takes blurry photos with the slightest movement. Honestly for every shot you see in past blog entries, there are at least 3 blurry duplicates.

Until today…Two days ago I discovered that if I mount the camera on the cast, I can get a clear shot the first time around. All photos posted today are taken with my “new arm mount”. It’s a bit of a bummer I had to break my wrist in order to get this camera to cooperate…but I’ll take it.

Embroidered 1 handed...getting there

Another skill I am working to improve is my embroidery with the left hand. I’m right-handed but there is NO way under any circumstances I am going to just sit out for 6 wks and complain because I cannot do the things I love.

I love sewing. I am excited to make these dolls for the girls and shop. I have to teach myself to use my left hand.

This is my latest set of eyes using one hand. I have gotten rather good at holding the embroidery hoop with my knees.  At this time, machine sewing and using scissors is hilarious. I’ll you know when I get there.

All things said or written…I guess it could be worse.  Later today I have to go to the specialist to see what kind of cast will be needed. Right now I have this huge splint and sling. If I have to wear a plaster cast Jon has already promised to do a painting for me in lieu of signatures. He’s fun that way.

So yeah…this post has a bit of a “Rah-Rah- Me” feel to it today. Sorry if it seems braggy. I think it’s better than whiny.

Have a fantastic day. 🙂

this cast/splint may not be so bad!

using the cast to mount the camera for this shot

get ready for the pitch

wait for it.....

kill it!


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Married, living out in Hawaii with 3 children and loving life.
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6 Responses to Making Lemonade

  1. Becky says:

    Did you say one-handed embroidery with your less dominant hand?! I’m seriously impressed!

  2. Abby says:

    I’m very impressed, too! That embroidery is turning out great. Your polaroid camera must be pretty weird if it shuts off after purple. Something doesn’t like purple…

    Hope the wrist is getting better!

  3. Finally catching up on blog posts this morning…I am so sorry about your wrist. Ouch! But I have to agree that your embroidery is pretty fabulous still. So go right ahead and rah rah you! 🙂

  4. Becky, Abby and Cynthia : I have to go back and explain a bit. That First eye was Half way complete before the break. It has taken 48 hrs. to finish the first and begin the second to this point so far. Got to hold the hoop between the knees and Jon has to thread the needle for me. But thank you 🙂

  5. Hot Family…..
    nice to meet u all…


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