Delay For Playtime (Bitchy Mermaids)

Look at this place! It should be against the law for kids to fight here.

UPDATED :  The park was lovely…but far from relaxing. Truthfully I shouldn’t have expected anything less and shame on me for thinking otherwise as they were snapping at each other in the car. The girls were kind of naughty. At the park they played Mermaids, but it was far from cute. It was more like “Bitchy Mermaids“.

Taken during their "Bitchy Mermaid" game.

Sometimes I just don’t get these two. They spent the majority of their time at the park crabbing at each other, and then when it was time to leave Lenore was devastated she could no longer play with Raven. Raven had met up with a friend and went home with her friend for a short time. She needed some space.

Raven was more than happy to pose without her sister . 😦

The only time they bonded was when they saw a batch of newborn kittens. Of course they both wanted to adopt a cat. I had to decline, and heard their pleas for a kittens (3 of them because we don’t want to break up the family) for the better part of an hour until I turned into a Bitchy Mermaid.

No doubt they will go running into Jon’s arms all smiles and Sugar and Spice when he comes home. He will wonder why I’m short on patience with them and get them all wound up with rough house play. It’s what he does. That’s fine as long as he doesn’t cave in about the kittens.

When we have days like this I always pull up these pictures to remind myself that sisterhood is a complex relationship I have never experienced.

A Good Day

They are best friends here.

Susan Death and the Ballernia were locked at the arm here.

I know they love each other and perhaps tomorrow the game will be “Loving Mermaids“.

But for now, my naughty little mermaids are cleaning their room as punishment for their behavior at the park. My wrist is throbbing pretty bad right now, so I’m going to pop some  vicodin aspirin and supervise the cleaning.

Hope to be back tomorrow.

***This is the first day without those pain meds., so I can officially drive. Taking the girls to the park to celebrate but will write later today. Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday.


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  1. Abby says:

    And to you as well.

  2. Hi Abby! Glad you stopped by.

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