Fast Recovery yes!

The work is piling up.

Hi everyone. I apologize for my absence yesterday. I spent the time normally allotted for blogging to work on my hand. One of the things I am supposed to be doing is working my fingers every day to ensure all will function well when this cast is removed. It’s painful but I’m making decent progress.

This morning I had my Dr. appt., and he was very pleased with my recovery to date. He said I have to go back in 10 days (it was originally every week) and I may be able to have the cast removed at that time. This is ahead of schedule so I’m thrilled with the news. He liked Jon’s artwork too.

It’s a good thing as the work is piling up. This photo shows a fraction of the fabric purchased for the intent of muslin dolls and my daughters wardrobe. Ouch.

I may take some time away from the computer so I can get caught up. Ouch again.

So thank you for hanging with me. Today I hope to take the girls to the lighthouse hike or perhaps the beach. Their Summer is fading quickly as the school days get closer.

Hope you are enjoying the day. Now I have to get caught up on the other blogs I read.


About designerdenise

Married, living out in Hawaii with 3 children and loving life.
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2 Responses to Fast Recovery yes!

  1. Abby says:

    I am glad to hear you’re doing better! The muslim looks pretty.

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