Extra! Extra! All In Good Fun

Tomorrow we are heading down to the open casting call for extras in a string of upcoming projects filmed here in Hawaii. For us “Extra” is defined as just random people in the crowd/background of a scene. Jon has worked as an Extra for a few projects, his most recent was the series finale of LOST. He always has the best time and we thought it would be an adventure for the kids to see how things work behind the scenes if they were ever called to participate. It seems so interesting!

In order to be part of the “moving scenery”you have to go down to the “open calling” and submit a recent unprofessional photo. So we took some photos yesterday evening of the girls. * My son is still on the mainland but we will certainly help him submit an application of his choice when he returns. Raven was less than happy with her photos because she got a rather large bug bite under her nose. She was a bit self-conscious about it last night (it’s really nothing) and asked that I do not show her photos. She requested a re-take today. I have to respect her feelings on this.

Lenore decided to have fun with the camera. Once I realized this was not the best lighting for the photos (too weak), I told her to go nuts and have at it. That’s exactly what she did. I didn’t get any shots that can be used for tomorrow, but we had fun anyway. Here she is hamming it up as usual:

Jon said she looks "difficult" here.

Having Fun!

Goofy Girl!

Fishy Face.

The Smirk.

I wish we could submit this shot.

The Kiss For Jon.

Spitting is The New Black. Didn't You Know?

Spitting is The New Black. Didn't You Know?

Truthfully we don’t expect the experience to last longer than 20 minutes.

Once we’re done, we are  heading to the evening festivities at the botanical gardens.

I’ll post photos of the event on Monday. If the kids ever get called back to be a face in the crowd (like Jon) for a scene, I’ll be sure to let you know. It’s very unlikely, but would be such a fun learning adventure if it ever happened. Either way, I got some fun pictures yesterday, and that’s enough for me. Have a great weekend.

I’ll be back Monday.


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2 Responses to Extra! Extra! All In Good Fun

  1. Abby says:

    Lenore looks so charming in these pictures! I can’t help wondering what she’ll look like when she becomes 20…

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