MidSummer Night’s Gleam

This past weekend was very busy. On Saturday, we took the girls to the “Open Call” for that new Battle Ship movie. I would be amazing to be called back to be part of the background, but we had fun no matter the outcome.

Fun at the recycling plant.

Straight from there, we went to recycle our cans and bottles. It was loud and the girls hated the smell, so while Jon took care of business we had some fun in front of the building. It was just a plain white wall, so I thought it was a fun bright backdrop for some shots.Jon joined in with the fun and Lenore continued to make the Kissy Face. I guess it’s the new thing for a while.


Daddy and his girls.

Once we did our part to save the planet, we got a pizza and headed to the Midsummer Night’s Gleam at the Foster Botanical Gardens.  We had a fantastic time as usual. There were games with fresh plants as the prizes, music, bagpipes, fairies, bubbles, arts and crafts for the kiddos, knights, archery, a haunted trail, and we enjoyed every minute of it. The best part is when they light up the 2500 luminaries throughout the park, that sparkle at night. The girls thought it was magical, and I think they were right.

I took a about 100 photos, but I wouldn’t dream of posting all. So I will include some of the shots of the evening. It rained off and on so some of the pictures aren’t so great, and this particular Polaroid doesn’t like night shots. (the other rejected all things purple)


Paper Animals!

The Gardens During the Day


More Art!

Musical Expression


Lion Dance!



Fairies, Harp Music, Bubbles!

The Wishing Tree (lots of fun)

Part of the Night Scene with the luminaries.


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4 Responses to MidSummer Night’s Gleam

  1. Abby says:

    These shots are great! You used a Polaroid?

  2. You’re pretty generous Abby. Yes, it’s one of those not-so-great designs from Polaroid. We missed out on so many wonderful night shots because this camera made everything blurred. Going to treat myself to a decent camera when possible. Take care. 😉

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