Recovery and Keeping The Peace

Good morning friends.

Today I am working on therapy for my arm. It’s painful, and makes me cranky. But since I still cannot place my right hand palm up on a table, it’s quite necessary. Lenore and Raven asked that I post their favorite recent shots of them today. The get a kick out of seeing their faces and adventures on my blog. Raven loves her MIB Agent “R” shots and Lenore was quite unhappy with me when I removed this photo of her yesterday.

Originally it was part of yesterday’s collection but I took it down (along with another) because really- how many “kissy face” pictures can I expect you good people to view? I know it gets boring, but today I would ask that you humor me as I don’t feel like dealing with the little girl drama and didn’t really have anything prepared today. It’s her new phase, and I hope it will go away before she starts school. She’s fascinated with her lips and thinks this is the funniest picture pose ever.

Yep... I have about 30 of these. It's getting on my nerves too.

As for Raven, she is going to play secret agent today with her black suit but it’s only 9:00 AM  right now and we’re both a little tired and cranky right now.

She feels confident when she's wearing her black suit and shades, fighting space ailens with her pink pistol.

This cast and the therapy involved with recovery puts me in a foul mood, so I’ll spare you the major gripes today.

On the creative side, there isn’t much to report. I have been so wrapped up in therapy and entertaining the girls that sewing has come to a standstill. I DID manage to make this little picture with a paint program with Raven the other day.

I know it gets pretty desperate when I’m posting old photos and my doodles on the computer. Sorry for the lameness. I hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday,and I’ll be back here tomorrow with something of substance.

Doodles to pass the time.


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Married, living out in Hawaii with 3 children and loving life.
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2 Responses to Recovery and Keeping The Peace

  1. Abby says:

    Don’t worry, I think it looks cute! She can do the kissy face a lot better than a lot of my teenage friends who do the kissy face in every single picture.

  2. I think it must be a fun face to make. Thanks Abby, 🙂

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