Swimming Lesson Soapbox

Hi everyone!

Thank you for hanging with me and for the kind words in my comments section.  Apparently it’s perfectly normal to hurt while you heal. What a BS concept. Wednesday is the scheduled date for my cast removal. Hope I don’t go nuts and saw this sucker off with a steak knife before then.

This past weekend, Jon and I had the kids at the pool to resume the ongoing swim lessons. As a child, my mother was/is terrified of the water. She cannot swim and therefore enrolled me in swim lessons as soon as I could say “water”. I had year round swim lessons for 13 straight years. It didn’t matter that I had passed the class. She went back and enrolled me again for “practice”.

In a way, I have followed in my mother’s footsteps. I’m not afraid of the water, (far from it), but I am just as obsessive as mom when it comes to swim lessons. To date, Alex can swim but needs to work on his coordination, and the girls need to begin the crawl stroke. None of them are what I would consider “strong swimmers” as of today, but as God as my witness, they will be when I’m done with them. I promise.

So this is my public service announcement for today. Please, please, pretty please teach your children how to be safe in the water. Give them the necessary tools to safely enjoy themselves.

Raven and Alex at our family hangout.

Don’t let your phobia of the water (if you have one) stand in your way. My mom is terrified of the water and could have chosen to just keep my brother and I “safe” by avoiding the beach and pools during our childhood. In my opinion, that would have been a huge mistake. She would not have been doing me any favors.

Recently, I have ramped up our family swim lessons from once a week to 2-3 lessons a week. We don’t advance quickly to anything beyond their skill, but I think the practice is valuable. In time, Lenore and Raven will be able to swim the length of the pool and Alex will be able to tread water consistently for 2 minutes. (We’re not there yet, but I think these are reasonable goals to set for the year.)

Now I am going to crawl down from my soapbox and resume my hand therapy. Wednesday cannot come soon enough.

Be safe! 😉


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  1. Heck yes! I agree wholeheartedly with you on this.

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