Hi! I am not new to blogging, but had recently been informed my other account had been hacked and erased, which is why I am making a new start here. My name is Denise Mollison. I am the proud mother of three beautiful children and one stubborn (but supportive) husband. We are living and loving (for the most part) life in Hawaii.

The common school of thought seems to be that because we live in paradise, our life is without challenges. Oh I wish! That would be swell. Truthfully, life in Hawaii is beautiful but pretty much like any other place in the world. OK….it’s REALLY beautiful but life’s challenges follow us wherever we go. One of our challenges as a family is my daughter’s medical issues.

That is correct. My oldest daughter is “Special Needs” complete with feeding tube. We specifically moved out to Hawaii because the temperate climate is easier on her. Some days are better than others, as we see a whole host of specialists in an attempt to ensure she remains strong. That is my passion.

One of my other passions is sewing. Throughout the years I have made hundreds of dolls and purses wristlets (like the one on my wrist in this photo) and sold them online in venues such as Etsy and my own website. What began as a fun hobby years ago has morphed into a secondary income which supplements the cost of my daughter’s health care. Lucky for me I love what I do.

So that’s me in a couple hundred words. Some days  I may be ranting about feeding tube issues and other days will cover new creations in progress or fun things we do in Hawaii. My flickr. account on the sidebar shows my work (past and present) and my creations can be found for sale at www.theluckypebble.com

Thanks for taking the time to read this page, and drop me a line if you ever want to vent about feeding tubes (or anything else).


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