Extra! Extra! All In Good Fun

Tomorrow we are heading down to the open casting call for extras in a string of upcoming projects filmed here in Hawaii. For us “Extra” is defined as just random people in the crowd/background of a scene. Jon has worked as an Extra for a few projects, his most recent was the series finale of LOST. He always has the best time and we thought it would be an adventure for the kids to see how things work behind the scenes if they were ever called to participate. It seems so interesting!

In order to be part of the “moving scenery”you have to go down to the “open calling” and submit a recent unprofessional photo. So we took some photos yesterday evening of the girls. * My son is still on the mainland but we will certainly help him submit an application of his choice when he returns. Raven was less than happy with her photos because she got a rather large bug bite under her nose. She was a bit self-conscious about it last night (it’s really nothing) and asked that I do not show her photos. She requested a re-take today. I have to respect her feelings on this.

Lenore decided to have fun with the camera. Once I realized this was not the best lighting for the photos (too weak), I told her to go nuts and have at it. That’s exactly what she did. I didn’t get any shots that can be used for tomorrow, but we had fun anyway. Here she is hamming it up as usual:

Jon said she looks "difficult" here.

Having Fun!

Goofy Girl!

Fishy Face.

The Smirk.

I wish we could submit this shot.

The Kiss For Jon.

Spitting is The New Black. Didn't You Know?

Spitting is The New Black. Didn't You Know?

Truthfully we don’t expect the experience to last longer than 20 minutes.

Once we’re done, we are  heading to the evening festivities at the botanical gardens.

I’ll post photos of the event on Monday. If the kids ever get called back to be a face in the crowd (like Jon) for a scene, I’ll be sure to let you know. It’s very unlikely, but would be such a fun learning adventure if it ever happened. Either way, I got some fun pictures yesterday, and that’s enough for me. Have a great weekend.

I’ll be back Monday.

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The Rings

Raven's ring. Onyx is strong and beautiful, just like Raven. All it needs is larger diamonds on either side and the chip to be buffed out.

Lenore's ring. I think a white gold setting with a couple of diamonds will make this a stunning ring for my blue-eyed girl.

When I was teenager, I was a huge fan of Black Onyx and pearls. Rubies were pretty cool too but given the choice I would have taken a black onyx ring over any other stone 9 times out of 10. I was drawn to the sleek elegance and the simplicity of the onyx. Diamonds and gemstones usually had to be cut many times to reflect the light and reveal their beauty. On the other hand the Onyx doesn’t need to be cut with hundreds of facets to shine.  It has a unique beauty that stands on its own.

When I turned 16, my parents gave me the black Onyx ring (instead of my birthstone which is the emerald) in the photo. It is an emerald cut Onyx with 3 tiny little diamonds on either side in a 18kt. yellow gold setting. My parents knew I preferred white gold and apologized with the explanation that white gold was not available for that setting at the time but it didn’t matter to me. I loved my ring.

For the next several years, I proudly wore my ring. Two years before Jon proposed I accidentally hit my hand against a cabinet during a game of indoor hide and seek with the kids at the day camp (my place of employment). The result was a tiny chip to the Onyx and I put it away for safe keeping.  As time wore on Jon proposed and the only 2 rings to grace my hand were my engagement ring and wedding band. The black onyx sits in its box but it is not alone.

About 12 years ago, my parents went on a European vacation and while there purchased a lovely gemstone for me. My mom found a jewelery shop that sold loose stones and bought this stunning emerald cut Aquamarine stone. It’s gorgeous. Brilliant blue. Stunning. I put it with the Onyx ring with the intention of having it made into a nice pendant for myself but never got around to it as there was always something else to buy for the house, kids, car and so on.

Then I had two daughters.

A couple of months ago I was cleaning out my jewelery box with the girls and out fell the ring and stone. The girls instinctively grabbed the treasure of their choice. Raven snatched up the Onyx and Lenore coveted the Aquamarine. “Ooohhh!” they squealed with delight. “Can we have these?!”

The answer was yes and no. I had the idea then and there that these would make perfect Sweet Sixteen rings when the time came. Raven’s ring will need to be repaired, re-sized, and (at her request) have larger diamonds replace the tiny diamonds. I can live with that.

Lenore wants a ring to match her blue eyes, so I’m thinking it should be a white gold setting (possibly antique filigree) with a couple of small diamonds. Something brilliant.

Now the only challenge is listening to their constant requests to see “their rings”. They ask about their future jewelery weekly. It’s my fault. I started this. Truthfully I don’t mind. I’m just grateful Jon and I have something special for both girls and that they chose differently according to their personalities.

What do you save for your children? I would love to hear about it. 🙂

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Fast Recovery yes!

The work is piling up.

Hi everyone. I apologize for my absence yesterday. I spent the time normally allotted for blogging to work on my hand. One of the things I am supposed to be doing is working my fingers every day to ensure all will function well when this cast is removed. It’s painful but I’m making decent progress.

This morning I had my Dr. appt., and he was very pleased with my recovery to date. He said I have to go back in 10 days (it was originally every week) and I may be able to have the cast removed at that time. This is ahead of schedule so I’m thrilled with the news. He liked Jon’s artwork too.

It’s a good thing as the work is piling up. This photo shows a fraction of the fabric purchased for the intent of muslin dolls and my daughters wardrobe. Ouch.

I may take some time away from the computer so I can get caught up. Ouch again.

So thank you for hanging with me. Today I hope to take the girls to the lighthouse hike or perhaps the beach. Their Summer is fading quickly as the school days get closer.

Hope you are enjoying the day. Now I have to get caught up on the other blogs I read.

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Childrens Art Festival 2010

The girl's individual style is reflected in their face paint choices.

There were tons of performance artists.

Raven at the pottery table.

Lots of screen prints.

Off to the kiln!

This past Saturday Jon and I took the girls to the Contemporary Children’s Art Festival in Honolulu.


In a word, it was spectacular. There were so many things for the kids to do!

As you can see from the photos, we hit the face painting and pottery table. But there were so many other activities…origami, fresh flower arrangements, dancing, “real” mermaids in reflection pools….and so on. Whole Foods and Starbucks were there handing out goodies too. It was perfect.

I admit I am obsessive with my kids artwork. I recently had a discussion with a friend of mine on this very subject. He is a fantastic stay at home dad who is homeschooling his 2 sons. He and his wife go above and beyond to give their children a stellar enriching education (traveling the world..social clubs, other languages), so I was surprised when he told me they don’t do much Art.

It wasn’t because he hated art, or found it unnecessary. It was because he was not comfortable with his own artistic ability, therefore he was unsure about a lesson plan.

Lenore was making a bird with feathers and mostly glue.

One of my 2 favorite screen prints.

The cast was a huge hit with this crowd. We took a photo in the sunlight.

Jon painted his own tattoo.

I took more shots of Lenore because she let me. Raven was too busy with friends to stand still.

Raven Screen Printing The Oil Crayon Table

I think many parents feel the same way. I can relate. Truthfully I cannot draw, paint or sculpt to save my life. But that’s why I love children’s art. It’s so liberating! They don’t care about depth perception, color schemes, or the laws of physics. Their creative process is based on how they see the world at the time and it’s beautiful. Also, I firmly believe a healthy creative outlet makes children stronger in other areas of academics. You can believe my son will have an extensive art program  as part of his lesson plan when we homeschool next year.

So yeah…at the risk of sounding preachy get the little ones out there and create.  Tear up colored paper for a collage, give them a disposable camera and let them take their own pictures at the next trip to the grocery store, go nuts with sidewalk chalk, give them poster paint and origami paper to see what happens…or give them their own blog so they can write their own poems/stories to go along with the pictures of their work. You won’t regret it.

There are so many ways for kids to create. I am looking forward to seeing what my friend’s boys create and if you want to share your little one’s work with me just drop a note..I would love to take a peek.

Have a creative Monday.

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Arm Cast Painting “THE SCREAM”

Jon made an ugly thing like broken bones 'pretty'

Well? What else would one expect to use for an arm cast? This is one of my favorite paintings… (thank you Edvard Munch)…and I have a husband who loves me enough to do everything within his power to make this experience more tolerable.

Jon (pictured below) just spent the better part of 40 minutes painting my cast for me. What a guy! I think he’s pretty cute too.

Taken for husband reference.

Originally I wanted something by Monet, but Jon convinced me that this was much more appropriate, given the way I carried on when I hit the dirt. Hell yes it’s appropriate! I screamed my fool head off, and I would do it again.

Anyway, this is one of the many reasons I’m crazy about this man. Little gestures like this on a Friday night. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post this.

Thank you my dear!

Love, Denise.

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Movie Day

Those of you who read my Blog before I came to WordPress are familiar with our family activities…and my husband Jon.  For those of you who may be new readers you will learn that one of my husbands favorite pastimes is making short movies with our children.

He and the kids write the story and build the sets/scenery together. These two short videos are about kids in space. They’re called “The  Astounding Family”. They are about a year old and have been shown in the past. But I am showing these because Jon is toying around with some new scripts and ideas. They should be better as the kids are now almost a year and a half older.

Have a great Friday.

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Delay For Playtime (Bitchy Mermaids)

Look at this place! It should be against the law for kids to fight here.

UPDATED :  The park was lovely…but far from relaxing. Truthfully I shouldn’t have expected anything less and shame on me for thinking otherwise as they were snapping at each other in the car. The girls were kind of naughty. At the park they played Mermaids, but it was far from cute. It was more like “Bitchy Mermaids“.

Taken during their "Bitchy Mermaid" game.

Sometimes I just don’t get these two. They spent the majority of their time at the park crabbing at each other, and then when it was time to leave Lenore was devastated she could no longer play with Raven. Raven had met up with a friend and went home with her friend for a short time. She needed some space.

Raven was more than happy to pose without her sister . 😦

The only time they bonded was when they saw a batch of newborn kittens. Of course they both wanted to adopt a cat. I had to decline, and heard their pleas for a kittens (3 of them because we don’t want to break up the family) for the better part of an hour until I turned into a Bitchy Mermaid.

No doubt they will go running into Jon’s arms all smiles and Sugar and Spice when he comes home. He will wonder why I’m short on patience with them and get them all wound up with rough house play. It’s what he does. That’s fine as long as he doesn’t cave in about the kittens.

When we have days like this I always pull up these pictures to remind myself that sisterhood is a complex relationship I have never experienced.

A Good Day

They are best friends here.

Susan Death and the Ballernia were locked at the arm here.

I know they love each other and perhaps tomorrow the game will be “Loving Mermaids“.

But for now, my naughty little mermaids are cleaning their room as punishment for their behavior at the park. My wrist is throbbing pretty bad right now, so I’m going to pop some  vicodin aspirin and supervise the cleaning.

Hope to be back tomorrow.

***This is the first day without those pain meds., so I can officially drive. Taking the girls to the park to celebrate but will write later today. Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday.

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